iFishFarm selects and trains vulnerable women from the local communities, mostly in the roles of qualified Aquaculture Assistants. Highly motivated and engaged, they operate the farm’s production units, effectively taking care of the fish stock by feeding, sampling and harvesting them, collecting data and reporting the results. Every employee is offered a competitive salary and is entitled to pension and insurance benefits.
Thanks to our unique inclusive model, co-workers are further stimulated by the chance of receiving share awards under iFishFarm’s “Employees Shares Incentive Plan”. Based on production results and parameters such us the ability to work together and report issues, everyone has the possibility to become an owner in iFishFarm. The model is managed with the help of a local association, that supervises the awarding process and guarantees fairness and transparency.




Safety is iFishFarm’s first priority, given the lake waters must not be underestimated and could become a dangerous place to work and to live in. Our co-workers’ kit include a compulsory life jacket and protective boots. Also, periodically, people at iFishFarm are trained to swim and first aid. Our boats are properly maintained and the farm is not operated when waves and winds are affecting the bay.
iFishFarm’s other priority is to maintain and foster the dignity of its co-workers. Clean water and hygienic washrooms have been installed at the farm, and a waste management system has been installed by iFishFarm both at the company's premises and at the nearby landing site.
The rising number of unemployed youth is yet another plague for Kalangala district and the country at large. iFishFarm organizes unemployed youth into groups that supports us in rotation during heavy operations such as harvest or offloading of feeds. This is to guarantee the highest possible inclusiveness for the community we work with.